Reech Corporations Group is an entrepreneurial group of businesses which is active internationally in real estate and real estate finance, wholesale and retail financial services and financial technology.
The Group was founded by Christophe Reech, a financier and serial entrepreneur with an established track record in creating and growing successful businesses in his chosen fields of expertise.
The Group provides a platform for supporting and developing established businesses as well as identifying new business opportunities where the Group’s skills and expertise can be profitably deployed.

Entrepreneur, catalyst and co-investor 

Analytical and creative 

Reech Corporations Group is unique in combining entrepreneurial flair and appetite for risk-taking with a focus on rigorous analytics and the application of technology and technologically based innovation to the management of real assets and to financial services generally. A cardinal belief in the value of creative and original thought, and a willingness to embrace unconventional approaches and ideas lies at the heart of the Group’s philosophy. 

Financial Services
Real Assets
Venture Capital
Managing high quality residential and commercial real estate assets both as principal and for third parties, whether institutional, private or family capital. 
Venture Capital
Venture capital 
Investing in promising fintech start-ups, businesses that have identified genuine market opportunities in both wholesale and retail financial services and have potential to achieve real scale at exceptional levels of profitability. 
Proven expertise in financing, structuring and risk mitigation coupled with a deep knowledge of capital markets techniques and a familiarity with high growth emerging markets.