A fundamental belief in the value of combining analytical firepower with real world experience is what drives the Group's approach to seeking out genuine value in new applications of data analytics and technology to the financial services and real estate sectors, and potentially to other asset classes as well. This approach has generated a host of innovative investment opportunities and businesses over the years. It reflects the philosophy of the founder Christophe Reech. In creating and leveraging profitable business opportunities, he is able to draw on his background in applied mathematics, physics and computer science, as well as on the hands-on experience he acquired during his long professional career in the capital markets and real estate sectors. 

The Group has always been willing to work collaboratively with others whether through partnerships with established businesses and financial institutions, or as sponsor and co-investor alongside angel investors, institutional or family capital. At the same time, the Group has the capacity to mobilise its own capital and management expertise as a principal in its own right.