Reech Corporations Group provides a platform for a number of operating companies - each expert in their fields of activity, each benefiting from a high degree of autonomy and at the same time able to draw on the resources, experience and network of the Group:
New Rock Capital Management provides investment expertise in real estate related capital markets instruments, including REITs, derivatives and securitisation vehicles.
Octavion Capital is an advisory firm combining multi-disciplinary capabilities for a comprehensive “one stop shop” investment service. Octavion is a trusted advisor guiding clients through the complex environment of UK Real Estate, 
Hercules Real Capital specialises in restructuring real estate portfolios and unlocking hidden value through access to securitisation and equity markets. Hercules Real Capital is active worldwide. Hercules is the primary investor behind Stone Estates.Swiss, a Swiss Commercial Real Estate Company.
Euclid Holdings
Euclid, an Advisory and Corporate Finance boutique specializing in real estate, real estate finance, fintech and financial services. Euclid is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
Odysseus Investments invests as principal and co-investor in early stage fintech companies with high growth potential.
Realon PCC and Realon Asset Management provide managed exposure to high quality real assets via an intelligent investment platform, authorised and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and backed up by an unmatched depth of expertise,