Reech Corporations Group provides a platform for a number of operating companies - each expert in their fields of activity, each benefiting from a high degree of autonomy and at the same time able to draw on the resources, experience and network of the Group:
New Rock Capital Management provides investment expertise in real estate related capital markets instruments, including REITs, derivatives and securitisation vehicles.
Hercules Real Capital specialises in restructuring real estate portfolios and unlocking hidden value through access to securitisation and equity markets. Hercules Real Capital is active worldwide. Hercules is the primary investor behind Stone Estates.Swiss, a Swiss Commercial Real Estate Company.
Euclid Holdings
Euclid, an Advisory and Corporate Finance boutique specializing in real estate, real estate finance, fintech and financial services. Euclid is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
Odysseus Investments is Reech Corporations Group’s venture capital and private equity arm. It is the majority partner in Odysseus Alternative Ventures, a joint venture with Seed Founders, a technology investment company established by influential InsureTech investor Minh Q.Tran. Odysseus Alternative Ventures has created a family of specialist venture capital funds investing alongside a parallel series of funds focusing on the relevant underlying assets. Odysseus Investments also manages Reech Family Office’s own portfolio of innovative technology investments.
RE5Q is a specialist unit established within the Reech Corporations Group to incubate new disruptive businesses which are applying the latest data mining, analysis and processing technologies such as blockchain, AI and machine learning to the real estate sector. Operating in partnership with the Oxford University’s Mathematical Institute and the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge, RE5Q is developing new approaches which could revolutionise planning, development, investment and regulation across the industry.