Christophe Reech

Christophe Reech

Group Chairman & CEO

Christophe Reech is an entrepreneur and investor with a track record of success in creating and growing innovative businesses in the fields of real estate, financial services, derivatives, and financial technology (FinTech).

He began his career in investment banking, trading complex derivatives for Paribas, the French wholesale bank, a role which brought him to London from his native France.

He then went on to establish a series of wholesale financial businesses focused on investment banking and derivatives on behalf of Commerzbank (Commerz Financial Products GmbH), and then with Nikko Securities in Japan (Nikko Financial Products Ltd). He later sold his interest in both businesses.

Building on his significant experience and track record in derivatives and risk management, in 1999 he established a disruptive financial technology company, Reech Capital, offering flexible structuring, pricing and risk management services to buy-side derivatives consumers. The company became a market leader in Europe, and in 2003 partnered with Sungard, who acquired the business in 2005.

In 2007 he created the first long/short hedge fund targeting real estate as an asset class. The Iceberg Fund was launched in partnership with CBRE. The fund returned stellar performances through the Global Financial Crisis. In 2012, Reech decided to close the fund.

In 2013, Christophe founded Reech Corporations Group, where he is currently Group CEO and Chairman. He leads the Group through its ambitious growth and development, and having reorganised the Group along clear functional lines, it now encompasses a significant portfolio of activities operating along three principal development axes: Real Estate,Technology and Financial Services.

This has given the Group a firm platform on which to create substantial value in its traditional areas of activity, and a structure that enables it to embrace new growth opportunities and new technologies, access capital markets where appropriate, and expand the scope of its portfolio significantly.

Christophe also holds management and board positions across Reech Corporations Group portfolio companies. He is Chairman of the Board of Stone Estate Swiss AG in Switzerland, which is focused on managing a portfolio of Value Add opportunities in Commercial Real Estate in Switzerland; and he is Chairman of Peninsula Real Estate Holding in Abu Dhabi Global Markets, which is building a portfolio of core real estate assets in the GCC region (Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Bharain, Kuwait and Oman).

He is founder, main shareholder and Chairman of Reech Corporations Institute for Innovation (RC2i), a global AI-focused IP hub developing cutting-edge technology solutions. Headquartered in the UAE, with a global approach, the company enables businesses to access a vast array of data and analytics particularly in fields such as energy efficiency and carbon reduction.