July Insights from Reech Corporations Group

Bringing together key content from across Reech Corporations Group, including RE5Q, Stone Estate Swiss and Peninsula Real Estate.

Macroeconomic implications of COVID-19 on the UK residential market

RE5Q highlights macro-economic factors that have historically influenced the real estate market and discuss how they are impacted by COVID-19. Given the many variables at hand, we limit the scope to interest and mortgage rates, GDP, risk aversion and changes in deposits and credits.

RE5Q appoints Bryan Dove to its Board of Directors

RE5Q has announced that Bryan Dove has joined its board as Non-Executive Director. His appointment brings significant expertise in technology leadership and data engineering which will provide the business with invaluable insights as it disrupts the real estate industry through data and technology.

Bryan Dove

Impact of Covid-19 on UAE and KSA Real Estate Sector: a conversation with Peninsula Real Estate and CBRE

Peninsula Real Estate’s Chief Economist Dr Chris Payne joined Simon Townsend, Head of Valuations and Consultancy at CBRE in a discussion on the impact of Covid-19 on the real estate sector in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and what the future of this sector looks like in the region.

A market in transition: 5 ways FinTech is shaping Germany’s wealth and insurance landscape

The German FinTech market has shown promising signs of potential as we emerge out of lockdown. Guillaume Chabot explores some of the trends we are seeing develop in the German FinTech landscape and how these have impacted the wealth and insurance sectors specifically.

UAE and MENA Home Sentiment Survey

Peninsula Real Estate has released findings from their second home sentiment survey in the Middle East. Not surprisingly, in light of Covid-19, sentiment is poor. For instance, 74% of respondents in the UAE thought prices would decline in the second half of 2020, with an estimated decline of 8%. Egypt continues to be a noticeable outlier.

The Q2 Four Quadrant Market Update

While direct real estate transaction activity and development projects have been temporarily stunted, several market changes have continued to emerge and make headway with no impact from the pandemic. Gregor Welton of RE5Q explores these changes.