FinanzRitter ranked as top 5 financial service provider by FOCUS-MONEY magazine

We’re extremely pleased to announce that one of our portfolio companies, FinanzRitter, has been identified in a survey conducted by FOCUS-MONEY Magazine in Germany as one the 5 outstanding financial service providers in insurance management.

FinanzRitter is a company that works closely with Io Enterprises, an investment business and incubator for fintech and financial services that is part of Reech Corporations Group. A FinTech headquartered in Germany that operates within the insurance sector, FinanzRitter’s aim is to make insurance easier, faster and more affordable for consumers.

Using cutting-edge technology, FinanzRitter digitises the personal insurance process, removing paperwork, constantly reviews contracts, automates claims and uses AI to tailor policies to its users’ individual needs – improving user experience, cutting costs and speeding up the insurance process.

The survey by FOCUS-MONEY is based on more than 31,000 customer ratings across 27 categories. FinanzRitter was chosen as one of the five winners in the insurance management sector and was awarded a top grade.

FinazRitter’s recognition is testament to the ambition, drive and expertise of the business leaders in creating a truly innovative and superbly executed digital product, and to the team at Io Enterprises in helping steer the business and helping to create innovative and exciting companies. We are very proud to see this acknowledgement in one of our portfolio companies and wish FinanzRitter all the continued success in the future.